Suzanne Lindsay

Associate Professor, Epidemiology, Public Health,
Environmental Engineering, Chicano Studies

Suzanne LindsayDr. Suzanne Lindsay is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology. She is also the Executive Director of the Institute for Public Health (IPH) in the Graduate School of Public Health. The mission of the IPH is to provide a bridge between the academic resources of San Diego State University and the public health practice community with particular emphasis on the development, implementation and evaluation of the highest quality evidence-based approaches to public health. Within this community-based context, Dr. Lindsay’s primary area of research interest is the study of interpersonal violence including youth violence, homicide, suicide, family violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, and sexual assault. She has also directed and participated in the design and implementation of applied research and evaluation studies in a wide variety of content areas including homelessness, perinatal health, breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnosis (, teen substance abuse prevention, HIV/AIDs prevention, chronic disease prevention, teenage pregnancy prevention, tobacco education. Dr. Lindsay’s community-based activities have focused on health disparities across cultures, and culturally competent interventions designed to address those disparities.

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