Shawn Flanigan

Professor, Public Affairs

Shawn FlaniganProfessor Flanigan teaches courses on public policy and nonprofit organizations, among others. Her research focuses on the ways in which the needs of minorities, low-income populations, and other marginalized groups are met by nonprofit/non-state organizations and innovative public programs, both in the developing world and in the United States.
Professor Flanigan is interested in state and non-state health and human service providers, and nonprofit advocacy efforts in health and social policy. In the developing world she has examined service provision to vulnerable populations by faith-based service providers, providers involved in electoral politics, and providers affiliated with groups that use violence (such as insurgent and terrorist organizations). In the United States she has conducted research on service provision and policy advocacy by immigrant nonprofit organizations, and innovative government approaches to addressing challenges in child nutrition and low-income housing. Professor Flanigan has conducted field research in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Germany, Romania, Sri Lanka and the United States. Her current research focuses on diaspora philanthropy toward Syrian refugees, and innovative—government efforts to disrupt multi-generational poverty through housing programs.

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