Social and Economic Vulnerabilities Initiative

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Join us in October and November for five virtual presentations where SEVI fellows will share their research findings and recommendations on issues related to homelessness and housing in San Diego.

SEVI Research Speaker Series   


Homeless Perspectives in Reframing Problems and Solutions

5pm to 6pm

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Peggy Peattie, Ph.D. Lecturer, School of Journalism and Media Studies

Oct 28

Community Acceptance and Opposition to Homeless-Serving Facilities

5pm to 6 pm

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Brian Adams, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Political Science and Megan Welsh, Ph.D. Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs

Nov 4

Food insecurity, Housing, and Mental Distress Among Economically-Vulnerable SDSU students

5pm to 6pm

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Casey Roulette, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Nov 10

Human Trafficking/Sexual Exploitation, Housing Instability, and Food Insecurity among College Students

5pm to 6pm

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Lianne A. Urada, Ph.D. , MSW, LCSW Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Nov 18

Houseless Mapping Project: Identifying Common Characteristics to Meet the Needs of the Region’s Unsheltered

5pm to 6pm

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Bruce Appleyard, Ph.D. Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs


There are more than 9,000 homeless individuals in San Diego and more than 114,000 in California. One of the primary contributors to this number is the lack of affordable housing. Both homelessness and affordable housing are immediate, pressing social and economic issues.

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San Diego State University has a critical role as a local institution of higher education to support the greater San Diego region in finding the best solutions to the multidimensional challenges of homelessness and affordable housing. We believe by bringing together experts from different fields and discipline, we will be able to provide a combination of different perspectives on the issue of homelessness.

The Social and Economic Vulnerabilities Initiative (SEVI) is a collaboration between experts from diverse disciplines examining the issues of homelessness and housing in the San Diego region. Together, we research obstacles and solutions to provide answers for policy makers. SEVI brings together community leaders, policy makers, researchers, and students to investigate, propose, and create new innovative solutions to support affordable housing and reduce homelessness.

Policy Makers and the Community

SEVI has been focused on engaging with policy makers and the community in general. To achieve this objective, SEVI held a symposium where SEVI fellows presented on their findings and their future projects. The symposium provided an opportunity for SEVI, policy makers, and community members to engage with the research and to build new networks for future projects.

SEVI Symposium

In November 2019, we hosted the first-ever SEVI Symposium on Homelessness on campus at SDSU. This Symposium revealed preliminary results of the research that our three faculty fellows had completed as well as introduced the four upcoming research projects to a group of 30 local policymakers, service providers, and researchers.  The attendees ranged from representatives from the City of San Diego, City of Carlsbad, City of Oceanside, Lucky Duck Foundation, Father Joes’ Village, Homeless Court Program, San Diego Sheriffs Department (retired), SDSU, Yes in Gods Backyard, East County Homelessness Task Force, Family Health Centers of San Diego, CASA Neighborhoods El Cajon, and San Diego Housing Commission.


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